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Financial Analyst Internship.

Martin Mulligan Marketing Ltd

Interns will be expected to carry out extensive, rigorous and in-depth financial analysis on a wide range of UK companies and make reports and recommendations on them to management. Tasks: -Financial Assessment of Companies -Assessment of working capital requirements -Assessment of asset leasing requirements -Assessment of growth potential -Assessment of merger, acquisition and disposal potential -Assessment of export readiness -Assessment of R&D tax credits potential -Assessment of unclaimed capital allowances -Assessment of solvency.

We are an international marketing services company located in St. Helens, between Liverpool and Manchester, UK. We are specialized in barcode labelling equipment and its services.
We are currently offering unpaid internships in International Sales, International HR, Market Research, Financial Analysis and Digital Marketing, for highly motivated candidates.
Remote internships are also available.
(Flexible dates, minimum 3 months).
Please send you application at hr@martinmulliganmarketing.com